Curriculum Vitae

Below is the official resumé submitted to the authorities with Case No. 2017/657

Dr. Zafer Akıncı began his education in physics and computer programming. After realizing his interest in psychology, he gravitated towards education and research in that area.

After completing his master’s degree in psychology with the help of his thesis advisor Prof. Dr. Özcan Köknel, he was awarded two doctorate degrees in psychology by two universities affiliated to European Union.

He was awarded “Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy” and “Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy” certifications, both of which are 510 hours and UK-based; along with other certifications, such as “Family Counseling”, “Student Counseling”, “Play Therapy”, “Solution Focused Therapy”, “Attachment Based Psychotherapy”, “Schema Therapy”, “Hypnotherapy”, and “Ego State Therapy” from national universities.

He has participated in academic trainings in the fields of “Human Resources” from Istanbul Technical University and “Management Organization” from Ahmet Yesevi University in addition to his psychology education.

Following his direction into the field of neuropsychology with the support of Prof. Dr. Öget Öktem Tanör, he worked with Assist. Dr. Hatice Kafadar in neuropsychological research for two years. Together they made scientific publications in globally recognized journals, and presentations in international congresses.

He conducted scientific research on 9 different neuropsychological tests, and correlation analysis of these tests with Assist. Dr. Hatice Kafadar; followed by the copyright processes for said 9 tests.

He has developed and patented the “IQup Method” in the areas of attention deficit and learning problems.

Scientific research on the effectiveness and durability of this method has been carried out and the method has been accepted internationally, and published by Cambridge University.

The IQup Method was published in the Journal of International Neuropsychological Society (JINS). Dr. Zafer Akıncı was invited to the congress for his presentation.

The IQup Method represented Turkey in three international congresses on education and neuropsychology in Paris, Amterdam, and Çanakkale. Scientific research on IQup has ben published in journals such as AIJSS (American International Journal of Social Science), ELSEVIER – Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, and IOJES (International Online Journal of Educational Sciences), and Cambridge University publications.

In the following years, Dr. Zafer Akıncı developed 6 different functional methods in different areas of psychology, and obtained the patents and copyrights of these methods and their algorithms. Most of these inventions have been used in various applications.

With Attenting Physician Hakan Yalman, he published various articles, presented seminars and programs on “Quantum Physics and Illusory Perception of Fate by Psychological Approaches”.

Dr. Zafer Akıncı's 5 articles in the academic field were published in internationally acclaimed publications, and about 80 articles were published in popular journals and newspapers.

He published 9 books and 1 educational VCD. His books have received great deal of attention, and one of his latest books “Aşk mı Hadi Canım Sen de!” (Psychology of Love) has reached 12th edition in just 6 months.

Within the scope of social responsibility, Dr. Zafer Akıncı who has been devoted to raising awareness and informing the public about psychology, has made an important project on “Psychology Explanation with Materials and Referances”, and implemented this into his works at television programs and seminars. He appears regularly on national television channels such as Atv, Show TV, TRT 1, and Beyaz TV along with some radios; and is a pioneer in explaining complex psychological phenomena to the public. His innovative work on psycholinguistic narrative has been sampled by many experts.

Dr. Zafer Akıncı still works with ATP Hakan Yalman on the team of scientific research on “Persisting Changes and Neuropsychological Effects of Blood Transfusion on Personality Structures”.

His publication was accepted and presented at The Fifth International Congress of Educational Research.

He was assigned as a scientific council member to the joint project of Humbolt University and Karadeniz Technical University.

He has provided results-oriented consultancy to various artists, government institutions, sports teams, politicians, businessmen and companies in different fields.

He is currently continuin his academic studies and his multidisciplinary counseling as well as his work as chairman to the psychological research and development unit of an important educational institution.

Dr. Zafer Akıncı is married with two children.

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