Scientific Publications

May 2015

“Effects of the IQ-up Cognitive Development Method on
the Cognitive Development of 10- to 12-Year-old Children”

International Online Journal of Educational Science

(doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.01.989)


March 2015

“The Effect of Parents Approach on Children Academic Achievement”

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review

(Volume 3, No.:4, 2015 Winter Pages: 49 - 104)


January 2015

Examining The Gender Factor Together With The Emotion Factor In Decision Making Process

Article, Akademi Press Magazine


October 2014

“Autobiographical memory and false memory”

International Research Journal of York University

(Volume 1, No.:1, 2014 Pages: 1 - 15)


August 2013

Scientific Publication of IQup Cognitive Rehabilitation System

“IQup Cognitive Training Program’s Effect On The Cognitive Improve.”

Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society,  Cambridge University Press

(Volume 19, Supplement S2)


July 2013

International Congress of Neuropsychology Poster Presentation

International Neuropsychological Society, Amsterdam/ NETHERLANDS

(ID NO: 1671100)


June 2013

18 Mart University International Education Research Congress

Scientific Study Abstract Presentation, Çanakkale

(Registration ID: 142-160)


Depresyonu Yenebilirsiniz
(You Can Beat Depression)

A collection of applicable methods to combat depression. The methods included in this book are explained by their sources and scientific evidences.

Aşk mı Hadi Canım Sen de!
(Psychology of Love)

The psychology of love explained. This book offers an answer to all your love related problems: a healthy approach to your relationships.

Dikkat ve Konsantrasyon Geliştirme Yöntemleri
(Attention & concentration Development Methods)

A neuropsychological guide to ones test best performance. Attention and concentration mechanisms and the best methods to make use of them, explained for students.

Özgüvenli Olabilmek
(Being Self-confident)

A collection of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods to developing self-confidence, explained for students.

Hafıza Gelişir mi?
(Can Memory Be Improved?)

Effective memory improvement techniques for students. Examples and step-by-step guides for every school subject.

Sınav Kaygısını Yenmek
(Managing Test Anxiety)

Everything a student should know about test anxiety. Detailed guides on techniques on what to do pre-test, during test, and after the test.

Kaygıyı Yenebilirsin
(Managing Anxiety)

Everything a student should know about anxiety, and techniques to combat anxiety.

(To Read)

Techniques, step-by-step explanations, and exercises for better reading. A comprehensive guide for students on how to read different kinds o texts.

Hızlı ve Etkili Ders Çalışmanın Yöntemleri
(Effective Studying Techniques)

A comprehensive guide for students on how to study most effectively. Detailed explanations on how each lesson should be studied.

Hızlı Öğrenme ve Kolay Ders Çalışma Teknikleri
(Memory Techniques Training)

Attention and concentration improvement techniques, and test techniques to allow students avoid errors and help them improve test performance.

Hızlı Öğrenme ve Kolay Ders Çalışma Teknikleri VCD
(Memory Techniques Video Training CD)

Three main techniques of studying, examples and exercises for each school subject.

Güneşe Açılan Aynalar (Novel)

Dr. Zafer Akıncı’s first non-scientific literary work. This book is an experimental project for both authors. Depicts two main characters during their time of psychological struggles, and their mental state while overcoming hardships.